Having An Ego Is A Good Thing, If You Know How To Use It

The ego gets a bad rap these days.

It’s common to hear complaints about how this or that person has a “huge ego.” Even Eckhart Tolle (whose writings I have been totally inspired by) talks a lot about how to free yourself from your ego.

But what is the ego, anyway–and is it really all that bad? Well, there are actually 2 very different ways it can show up: as the negative ego or the positive ego.

Serving Others By Serving Yourself: Lessons from a Recovering Workaholic

Photo courtesy of Blue Moon in her Eyes

A couple weeks ago, I hit the wall. Hard.

This Workaholic’s Intervention

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane. *cue rewind sound effect*

“I get that you like to serve others–you’re a ‘server,’ like me. But sometimes, serving others looks like crawling into a cave to rest.”

These wise words were spoken to me right after I hit the (figurative) wall.

I was about to begin assisting Day 2 of a 3-day CTI workshop. Despite the fact that I was feeling physically exhausted, feverishly ill and extremely emotional, I had sucked it up and shown up at the workshop, determined not to let anyone down.