Gazing at the Underbelly of a Life of Passion

I’m coming back to this blog after a long pause. During that time, I kept intending to redesign and repurpose it, until I realized:

a) that would take too long, and
b) I’d rather not let an outdated design stop me from writing.

Going forward, I plan to write less from the standpoint of a coach, and more about my own personal journey towards unconditional love.  I hope that openly sharing my authentic journey and my learnings along the way will help others as much as it will help me. xo


I didn’t sleep well last night.

Awaking in the wee hours of the morning, I became caught in a storm of worries about my business, CrossFit Kindred. Little nagging what-ifs and gotta-dos, insignificant specks filling up my mind until I was drowning in quicksand.

My Vision: Compassionate, Sustainable, Magical Delight

Hello, lovelies! Wow–hard to believe I’ve been absent from my blog for an entire month! So much has been happening with my coaching, CrossFit, and life–and I can’t wait to share all my learnings with you.

First, a few updates:

A couple months ago, some friends and acquaintances of mine in the CrossFit community launched Tabata Times, a new online media resource for people into CrossFit and fitness in general. Its readership is already growing, and I’ve had the privilege of writing 2 articles for them, the second of which was published just last week.

Want Better Relationships? Try Improving Your Coordination.

Stacy Shaedler’s method for building coordination.

What does coordination have to do with improving relationships?

Unrelated as they may sound, there is a magic relationship between the two. In general, I find that wellness (consciously serving the wellbeing of your whole self–physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) contains many invaluable lessons for leadership (consciously serving the wellbeing of a greater whole beyond yourself–people, relationships, your environment, or anything in between!). The following is just one example.

Having An Ego Is A Good Thing, If You Know How To Use It

The ego gets a bad rap these days.

It’s common to hear complaints about how this or that person has a “huge ego.” Even Eckhart Tolle (whose writings I have been totally inspired by) talks a lot about how to free yourself from your ego.

But what is the ego, anyway–and is it really all that bad? Well, there are actually 2 very different ways it can show up: as the negative ego or the positive ego.

Serving Others By Serving Yourself: Lessons from a Recovering Workaholic

Photo courtesy of Blue Moon in her Eyes

A couple weeks ago, I hit the wall. Hard.

This Workaholic’s Intervention

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane. *cue rewind sound effect*

“I get that you like to serve others–you’re a ‘server,’ like me. But sometimes, serving others looks like crawling into a cave to rest.”

These wise words were spoken to me right after I hit the (figurative) wall.

I was about to begin assisting Day 2 of a 3-day CTI workshop. Despite the fact that I was feeling physically exhausted, feverishly ill and extremely emotional, I had sucked it up and shown up at the workshop, determined not to let anyone down.