About HeartStepping

Do you ever find yourself wishing there was more love in the world? More kindness? More compassion? More peace?

Or maybe you just wish there was more love in your own life. More connection. More friendship. More intimacy.

If any of this is true, I am so with you. And as cheesy as it might sound, I’ve truly learned (and continue to learn, over and again, every day) that the path to creating–and experiencing–more love in the world goes hand-in-hand with learning to love yourself.

This path is one that I try to walk every day–with some successes, with plenty of failures, and always with lessons learned. I created this blog to share some of my personal ongoing journey of what I call “heartstepping”–stepping through life with both ferocity and gentleness.

Ferocity, because it takes courage to keep choosing love over fear.

Gentleness, because underneath all our sharp edges and defenses, we could all use a little more kindness.

So…what makes me qualified to talk about all of this?

Sure, I’m a certified life coach and fitness coach, a mindfulness practitioner/student of several years, a leadership program graduate and facilitator, and a former self-help book junkie.

But while I certainly draw from all this formal learning, I draw just as much from my other life experiences, like losing a parent, becoming a wife and mom, switching careers multiple times, being a daughter of immigrants, and turning 30 (and beyond).

Basically, I’m just human, like you, with flaws, and foibles, and a huge passion for finding and creating as much love and awareness as I can in this life.

In this crazy world we live in, where we’re more consumers than citizens, where the future of our planet is uncertain, and where we tend to interact more with our smartphones than with people, the need for love and hope is stronger than ever.

My biggest wish for this blog is that it becomes one more source of love, hope, and inspiration for you. That you’ll consider it a place to turn for insight and encouragement when your social media feed gets overrun with cynicism and polarizing comments.

But in the meantime, I’m just glad you’re here. Care to join me?

About Cindy Muya

I’m a big fan of the term ‘slash career‘, because the one constant in my life is always seeming to have a hand in multiple projects at once. I’ll share the pieces most meaningful to me in this moment.

When I’m not here writing about living with courage and kindness, I’m a software engineer at Google, a mom and wife, and (when time permits) a musician, weightlifter, and CrossFit coach.

I’m also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a.k.a. life coach, and have an ongoing interest in both personal and professional leadership.

I’m a child of immigrants–my parents met in Hong Kong after both their families fled mainland China before the Cultural Revolution. They both came to the United States, married there, and had three American-born children, of which I’m the youngest.

Outside of the many roles I play, I’d say the piece of my life that most feeds my soul–and is the source of a lot of the learnings I share on this blog–is my insight meditation practice and my interest in mindfulness as a tool for healing and transformation.

Kind Words

Coaching people is something I enjoy immensely. Here’s what people have said about me as a life coach:

“I love working with Cindy. When I am in a coaching session with her, I feel like I have space to breathe that doesn’t exist anywhere else, and usually in that space I am able to discover a lot about myself that seems so simple in the discovery, but was being concealed before my session. I am amazed at the way she is so natural at reading me and getting to the heart of what is going on with me, even if sometimes my words aren’t clear and I don’t realize what is going on myself! I have grown so much as an individual and have accomplished so much more than I would have dreamed of accomplishing before starting coaching with her, in a way that honors my values and respects my time. I am incredibly grateful for the gift of her coaching!”
–Regina Hellinger, Orlando, FL

“Working with Cindy this past year has provided me with the courage and
support I needed to transition into the next phase of my life. Moving
to a new city, leaving a job that was very familiar and the faces that
I’d grown to love, and seeking a new opportunity in uncharted waters,
are all challenges by themselves. When grouped together at once, they
can be overwhelming and at times insurmountable. I found that every
time I completed a coaching session with Cindy, I was able to move
just a little bit more forward. Whether it was being present with the
anxious feelings in my new surroundings, or giving myself permission
to go after the goals I had laid out before me, Cindy has been
instrumental in teaching me how to let my life flow. I am so grateful
for her guidance and non-judgmental approach to coaching. I would not
be where I am today without her, much less starting my *new* job in
the coming month. A person will always be in good hands when working
with Cindy.”