My Vision: Compassionate, Sustainable, Magical Delight

Hello, lovelies! Wow–hard to believe I’ve been absent from my blog for an entire month! So much has been happening with my coaching, CrossFit, and life–and I can’t wait to share all my learnings with you.

First, a few updates:

A couple months ago, some friends and acquaintances of mine in the CrossFit community launched Tabata Times, a new online media resource for people into CrossFit and fitness in general. Its readership is already growing, and I’ve had the privilege of writing 2 articles for them, the second of which was published just last week.

Check them out here:

  • Article 1: Why CrossFit + Yoga = Awesomeness
  • Article 2: Life Lessons of a CrossFitter (worth a read even if you have no interest in trying CrossFit specifically)

In other news, I just got back from a weekend at the Transformational Gate in Westminster, Colorado–and I’m still marinating in the totally inspiring, profound body-heart-mind-spirit experience that I had there. I will definitely be writing more about my learnings from it going forward. Too many nuggets and aha’s to fit in one post!

How serendipitous that as soon as I returned from the Gate, I received a timely gift from my good friend and fellow coach, Patricia Lawless of Lawless Coaching: a free copy of the Coaching Blueprint by Kate Courageous. While I haven’t even gotten through the whole first module yet, I’m really loving it so far.

Funny how the timing of these things seems to work out; I have a major heart-opening experience at the Gate, and immediately stumble upon a book that prompts me to declare what my heart has to tell me about my coaching practice! I should really stop being surprised by moments like this. Actually, scratch that–being surprised and delighted at the magic of the universe is a gift!

One question in the first module of the Coaching Blueprint asks, “What big mission are you on? Or–What’s your big vision for the world?”

So here is what I wrote as my response, and I share it here with you:

My grand vision is to create a world that is compassionate, sustainable, and magical. One in which people are engaged, alive, and filled with love, belonging, and a sense of empowered contribution to the world. One in which people create delight for themselves and others that is connected and integrous, and feeds love rather than manipulating fear.

There you have it, folks: my big, uncensored vision for what I’m creating in the world–at least as that vision stands today, in this moment. The great thing about a vision is that it’s mine, and I get to evolve it as I evolve.

What big mission are you on? What’s your big vision for the world?

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